Ship Select Carrier Selection for Parcel, LTL and More

Ship Select automates the carrier selection process for shipments of all modes including parcel, LTL, Truckload and Rail.

When you have something to ship, Ship Select will automatically consider:

  • Transit time
  • Carrier preference
  • Cost
  • Mode
  • Performance, and
  • Carrier service types

It will then identify the best shipping method based on your specific criteria.

Enter your routing guide requirements at set-up, and Ship Select guarantees the optimal carrier is chosen for every shipment. In addition, since the carrier selection is done early, when the order is placed, instead of in the shipping area, you will know exactly what your costs will be in advance. Ship Select also ensures that the customer’s shipping requirements are accurately met at the time of ordering.

Key Features of Ship Select:

Intelligent Carrier Selection for All Shipping Modes
ShipSelect intelligently chooses carriers based on weighted selection criteria that go beyond least-cost, including mode, transit time, lane, customer location, etc. Carrier consideration can be limited by lane, shipment size, customer, and other factors and then ranked according to mode, transit time, carrier performance, cost, or other criteria. These selections can be made automatically, or after an on-line review of the alternatives. Ship Select will also ensure that appropriate weight-breaks are applied, and can automatically determine whether a shipment should go parcel or LTL.

Routing Guide and Compliance Management
Many shippers must comply with complex routing guides published by their customers. Ship Select is a comprehensive carrier selection compliance management system for easy access, setup, maintenance, and alterations of carriers for certain lanes, locations, and customers. By ensuring routing guide compliance, shippers reduce their overall shipping expenses, avoid fines, debits and routing guide penalties, and always meet all customer requirements, no matter how complex.


  • Reduces freight costs by applying weight breaks and selecting the most effective mode for any shipment.
  • Mitigates costly routing guide violations and ensures compliance with customer shipping requirements.
  • Saves time by eliminating labor-intensive and error-prone manual carrier selection.