Ongoing carrier compliance is one of Varsity’s top priorities. Varsity works directly with customers and carriers to ensure the most timely rate updates and critical compliance changes to labels, manifests, service types, and value-added services. Varsity’s UPS shipping applications are designed to support all UPS shipping requirements. UPS specific features and functionality include domestic and international compliance with rate and routing data, parcel track and trace, and specialized functions such as HAZMAT (hazardous materials shipping) and Export Documentation.

UPS United States Domestic Carrier Compliance Kit (CCK)

The UPS U.S. Domestic CCK enables full shipment capabilities for all domestic UPS shipments. The kit contains all rate, ZIP Code™, and zone data for shipments from a given United States ZIP Code to any location in the U.S. served by UPS. UPS shipping rules and restrictions are immediately applied to ensure full shipping compliance and timely delivery of packages. Specialized smart labels (with a MaxiCode) are generated, as well as a pickup summary barcode label, high value reports, and paper manifests. Electronic manifests can be generated for direct upload to UPS via Host Access. Additional features include electronic COD and call tags, email shipment notification, automatic consolidation, and hundredweight rating. All additional charges supported by UPS, such as residential and fuel surcharges, are maintained and applied to shipping costs whenever required.

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