Ongoing carrier compliance is one of Varsity’s top priorities. Varsity works directly with customers and carriers to ensure the most timely rate updates and critical compliance changes to labels, manifests, service types, and value-added services.

Varsity’s United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping applications are designed to support all USPS shipping requirements for US origin shipments. USPS specific features and functionality include domestic, international, Express Mail, delivery confirmation, registered mail, restricted delivery, return receipt, signature confirmation, and special handling.

USPS U.S. Carrier Compliance Kit (CCK)

The USPS U.S. CCK contains all rate, ZIP Code™, and zone data for shipments from a given ZIP Code to any location in the United States. The CCK immediately applies all USPS shipping rules and restrictions to ensure full shipping compliance and the timely delivery of packages.

The Varsity USPS U.S. CCK calculates the volume and postage payable for all USPS shipments by service type. This information is then printed on postage statements, manifests, and labels. Labels include the required indicia used to denote meter and package identification numbers as well as barcodes and trace numbers for delivery confirmation.

Varsity ensures that USPS shippers meet all manifest mailing requirements. Varsity produces USPS-approved manifests and postage statements. USPS certification ensures postage charges are accurately calculated. And the CCK supports electronic manifesting for Express Mail packages.

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