Real-Time Package Tracking Overview

Varsity’s new ShipTalk FedEx Tracking module provides up-to-the-minute package status information directly from your IBM iSeries through immediate access to the FedEx server. This direct access allows instant resolution of customer service inquiries and complete supply chain visibility.

Designed to streamline customer service access to package status information, ShipTalk FedEx Tracking eliminates calls to the shipping department, the need to launch a separate tracking application or to open a new browser window. To save time with single screen access, package status details are available from the Varsity ShipTalk screen, or can be populated directly into your ERP, warehouse management, or order entry software via an interface.

Through FedExTracking customer service representatives have real-time visibility to shipment status at all points in the shipping process, including tracking numbers, dates, time of delivery, current disposition, order details, and the name of the person who signed for the shipment. For proactive tracking, packages can be flagged for automatic tracking until they are scanned as delivered by FedEx.

Key Benefits

¨ Streamlines customer service access to package tracking details

¨ Eliminates package status calls to the shipping department

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