Varsity’s Connectivity Suite Overview

Varsity ShipTalk™ Connectivity Suite expands visibility and communications between ShipSoft™ users and their supply chain partners. By extending control over shipments beyond the warehouse, ShipTalk enables greater collaboration with carriers and consignees, allows real-time status updates, automates export filing, and gives ShipSoft users the information they need to manage their outbound supply chain. ShipTalk is comprised of several connectivity tools, which are available individually. Customers select— and pay for—only the tools they require, including:

♦ UPS Online Tracking UPS Online Tracking provides a direct connection to UPS Host Access to return real-time shipment status information. Instant access to shipment status from any terminal empowers all shipping and customer service representatives with immediate inquiry resolution, improving customer satisfaction and eliminating inefficiencies.

♦ UPS Trace Request By using UPS Trace Request, ShipSoft users who ship via UPS can electronically request copies of signed Proofs of Delivery to be faxed either to their own location or that of a third party making the inquiry.

♦ FedEx Tracking FedEx Tracking provides real-time access to FedEx shipment status updates directly from the IBM System i™ through immediate access to the FedEx server, streamlining and strengthening customer service.

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