Automatic Bill of Lading Production


Varsity ShipSoft Bill of Lading Generator automatically creates and prints formatted VICS, open standard, and international bills of lading for truckload or LTL shipments facilitating compliance with shipper, carrier and consignee requirements.

The ShipSoft Bill of Lading Generator eliminates error-prone and time consuming manual bill of lading production. Each document contains the required origin/destination, billing and shipment details. In addition, ShipSoft Bill of Lading Generator prints individual bar-coded package labels to help keep shipments together.

By accurately preparing bills of lading, shippers ensure compliance with each consignee’s standards, avoiding penalties or fines. Carrier compliance, accurate delivery and billing are achieved by the automatic generation of carrier specific sequenced PRO numbers and the inclusion of complete shipping information on contents, destination and delivery specifics. If it becomes necessary for the shipper to file a claim, or respond to a query, bill of lading details are available for recall from ShipSoft’s historical database.

The ShipSoft Bill of Lading Generator is an optional module that is available for ShipSoft-Parcel™ and ShipSoft-Freight™. For more information, contact Varsity at 800.438.SHIP.

Continue reading about the Shipshoft Bill of Lading Generator for Automatic Bill of Lading Production by Varsity Logistics here.

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