Multi-Modal Carrier Selection Module


ShipSelect automates the carrier selection process for shipments of all modes including LTL, truckload, and rail. ShipSelect is designed to automatically analyze criteria such as transit time, carrier preference, cost, mode, performance, and carrier service types to present the optimal carrier based on the user’s particular criteria. This guarantees the optimal carrier is chosen for every shipment while conforming to routing guide requirements.

By performing the carrier selection process upstream, ShipSelect ensures that the customers’ shipping requirements are exactly met at order placement time.

Key Features

¨ Intelligent Carrier Selection for All Shipping Modes ShipSelect intelligently chooses carriers based on weighted selection criteria that go beyond least cost, including mode, transit time, lane, customer location, and the like. Carrier consideration can be limited by lane, shipment size, customer, and other factors and then ranked according to mode, transit time, carrier performance, cost, or other criteria. Selections can be made automatically, or after an on-line review of alternatives. ShipSelect will also ensure that appropriate weight-breaks are applied and can automatically determine whether a shipment should go parcel or LTL.

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