Varsity’s Pick/Pack Module Overview

ShipPack, Varsity’s pick/pack module, offers complete control of the shipping process by providing total visibility to the contents of each package via the ShipSoft™ database. ShipPack mitigates costly violations and penalties by providing compliant bar codes, labels, and packing lists. It makes details about each shipment easily accessible including description, size, weight, and contents. ShipPack automatically generates ASNs, and produces customized forms and labels to meet the specific customer requirements.

Key Features

¨ Item-Level Detail of Parcel Content

ShipPack integrates the packing process with shipping, capturing, and recording detailed information about each item included in a shipment. As an item is packed, it is scanned into ShipPack, providing total visibility into all package contents. This visibility makes it easy to split orders, especially if more than one package is needed to fulfill an order.

¨ Bar Code Labeling

ShipPack automatically generates standard UCC 128 bar codes that help shippers quickly identify package contents and meet consignees’ requirements. ShipPack can also be used to generate specialized bar codes, labels, and documents–such as specialized packing lists–required by consignees.

¨ ASN Creation

ShipPack automatically generates ASNs with line item content information and formats them for EDI transmission (856).

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