Shipping Containerization Solution Overview

ShipOptimizer is a revolutionary new way for companies to offset rising transportation costs and improve efficiency within their warehouse. Simply stated, ShipOptimizer gives companies the ability to accurately predict shipping costs whether orders are taken via the internet or at order entry time, in advance of actually shipping the product.

Key Features

¨ The ability to optimize the container packing process in your warehouse enables companies to face increasingly complicated processing requirements in the fulfillment and distribution of their products.

¨ The ability to address changes in order profiles and full-case and split-case picking, and build rules surrounding carton and pallet build.

¨ The ability to develop an efficient plan to build cartons, pallets, and trailers as part of distribution processes.

¨ The ability to select the number and size of cartons needed to pack orders for shipment based on each item’s dimensional cube, weight and compatibility with other items.

¨ The ability to meet complex processing requirements, save time, packing materials and containers, and reduce operating and transportation costs as well as product damage that leads to costly returns.


¨ It allows you to quote freight at the time an order is placed.

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