Ongoing carrier compliance is one of Varsity’s top priorities. Varsity works directly with customers and carriers to ensure the most timely rate updates and critical compliance changes to labels, manifests, service types, and value-added services.

Varsity’s Purolator shipping applications are designed to support all Purolator domestic shipping requirements for intra-Canada shipments.

Purolator Canada Domestic Compliance Kit (CCK)
The Purolator Canada Domestic CCK supports Purolator’s domestic intra-Canada shipment services with compliant rating, routing, and labeling data for all Canadian locations served by Purolator.

The kit contains all rate, Postal Code, and zone data for shipments from a given Postal Code to any location in Canada served by Purolator. Purolator shipping rules and restrictions are immediately applied to ensure full shipping compliance and timely delivery of packages. Specialized labels are generated. Paper manifests can be printed and electronic manifests can be generated for upload to Purolator.

The kit supports both Air and Ground services for Overnight and Extended Delivery options using both customer provided packaging as well as Purolator’s PuroPaks and PuroLetters. Special service support includes 9:00 A.M., 10:30 A.M., and Saturday Deliveries. Beyond Points service allows for shipping to remote locations, Express Cheque, and Third Party Billing. Relevant taxes and fuel surcharges are automatically applied as part of the rating mechanism.

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