Kwik Goal is known for its tough soccer equipment. The company ships soccer goals, balls, and accessories to 2,000 dealers across the United States. During the summer peak season, Kwik Goal ships over 250 parcels a day from their 86,000 square foot warehouse in Pennsylvania. Most of the company’s shipments ship via UPS. For several years, Kwik Goal relied on the UPS PC-based shipping software, including UPS MaxiShip, UPS Online, and UPS WorldShip. However, as Kwik Goal expanded operations, they were hampered by the limitations of their carrier-supplied software.

With each UPS directed upgrade, Kwik Goal needed to make modifications to their VAI interface. These software code changes cost several thousand dollars a year and required MIS support throughout the switchover week. In addition, the UPS software could not be customized to fit Kwik Goal’s unique shipping processes.

Another major concern with the UPS PC-based software was the data disconnect between the PC-based system and the IBM iSeries. Information on processed orders relied upon batch uploads to the IBM iSeries at the end of each day. Without company-wide access to real-time shipping information, customer service suffered.

A VAI customer for eight years, Kwik Goal wanted an integrated IBM iSeries shipping system that matched the reliability and feature functionality of their VAI System 2000 order entry, accounting, billing, and manufacturing software.

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