Provided and maintained by Varsity, the Infor Application Plus™ (A+) Interface seamlessly exchanges shipment and order data between Infor A+ (formerly daly.commerce) and Varsity ShipSoft and ShipPack. Seamless Order Management and Shipping By tightly integrating Infor A+ with ShipSoft and ShipPack, Varsity’s Infor A+ Interface enables seamless order processing from order entry through delivery. Shipment and order information is shared across the organization enabling:

♦ Rate shopping, selection of shipping options, and quotation of shipping rates at order entry

♦ Instant visibility to shipment status and simplified requests for proof of delivery

♦ Accurate shipping costs for invoicing and analysis

Adaptable Technology

Varsity’s Infor A+ Interface uses flexible exit points and an externally described parameter list, or P-List, to map data elements from Infor A+ into ShipSoft (or ShipPack) and to return the results back to Infor A+. The primary Infor A+ files used for the interface are ORHED, OHCADC, OHTMCD, and ORDET. Varsity pulls required shipment data such as the pick number, quantity, and ship-to address directly from the Infor A+ database. It then passes back shipping details including the tracking number, package ID, weight, and freight charges, which can be used to update any file in Infor A+.

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