Hazardous Materials Overview

For ShipSoft users who require hazardous materials processing, Varsity has developed a comprehensive add-on HAZMAT shipping solution. Based on the information stored in the HAZMAT database, and the built-in business rules, ShipSoft instructs the shipper how to label and ship the parcel, and manages document production and carrier compliance. With this HAZMAT capability, ShipSoft eliminates manual data entry, mitigates carrier compliance fines, and provides visibility to all HAZMAT shipments.

Key Features

¨ Provides a comprehensive database that stores all required HAZMAT information. This includes:

o Emergency contact information

o UN ID Number

o Proper names of chemical items and others required for HAZMAT documentation

¨ Generates a paper manifest summarizing daily HAZMATshipments and ensures full carrier compliance ¨ Automatically produces the required Shipper’s Declaration of Dangerous Goods without user intervention

o Varsity supports both the FedEx and the UPS variations of the form

Key Benefits

¨ Integrates and automates HAZMAT processing with other TMS and ERP systems

¨ Eliminates manual rekeying of data, saves time and reduces related errors

¨ Mitigates carrier fines for non-compliance

¨ Provides visibility into HAZMAT shipments

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