Overview Varsity offers powerful freight shipping solutions for LTL, truckload, and rail shipments within North America. Exclusively designed for the IBM System i, Varsity’s freight solutions automate the complicated tasks of load tendering, LTL rating, shipment planning, carrier selection, mode selection, shipment documentation and confirmation, and even freight auditing and payment.

Varsity’s freight solutions combine for an integrated suite of advanced supply chain execution modules for the most complex freight shipping and auditing requirements.

Varsity’s Supply Chain Execution Modules for Freight ShipSoft-Freight

ShipSoft-Freight is a multi-modal rating engine and shipping solution for freight shippers who ship within North America. It simplifies the outbound shipping process for LTL, truckload, and rail shipments because it provides one platform for all shipments and selects the optimal rate, carrier, and mode. It also supports the generation of Bills of Lading (including VICS), LTL labels, and LTL manifesting

. Key Benefits

♦ Flexible, modular solution allows freight shippers to select only the functionality they require

♦ Reduces labor by applying business rules to custom tariffs and shipment information for optimal carrier and mode selection

♦ Shrinks overall shipping expenses through automation of the freight audit process

♦ Guaranteed upgrade path provides scalability for growing businesses

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