Varsity FreightPlan automates the inbound and outbound pre-shipment load planning process. FreightPlan enables ShipSoft-Freight™ users to do dynamic load building and order consolidation, produce recommended shipping plans, and perform online review and acceptance of load plans. Working within user-defined parameters, FreightPlan incorporates customer delivery requirements to drive down transportation costs, supports unique customer service standards, and enhances overall transportation productivity.

Key Features

¨ Dynamic Load Building and Consolidation FreightPlan allows users to employ a variety of different consolidation strategies to facilitate development of an optimal shipping plan. For example, FreightPlan automatically aggregates orders traveling to the same destination and has the ability to hold orders for consolidation with later orders based on delivery dates. It can also determine pool points, if desired, to maximize efficiency and utilize the most effective combination of line-haul and LTL. FreightPlan offers planning for TL and LTL moves–including multi-stop shipments–providing the optimal geographic route for each. ¨ Produces Recommended Shipping Plan Based on the results of analysis, FreightPlan generates a detailed shipping plan for each move. Outputs include detailed Shipping Instructions and a Driver’s Log for the proposed shipment, as well as a detailed report of costs and savings for the proposed move versus other alternatives.

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