Allen-Edmonds manufactures and markets fine handcrafted men’s footwear. Through the company’s Woodlore division, they also manufacture aromatic cedar products for shoe, apparel, and accessory storage and care. Allen-Edmonds ships between 900 to 1,500 parcels a day from four distribution centers to company-owned retail stores, e-commerce customers, and the showrooms of elite retailers around the world. Each pair of shoes and every product is backed by the company’s unwavering commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Delivering this level of service requires exceptional operational processes. Allen-Edmonds realized they had reached the upper limits of their shipping system’s capabilities. Their PC-based system topped out at 900 packages a day and contributed to an inefficient shipping process where shipping specialists were required to manually verify package contents and type shipping labels. This process was slow and error prone, taking an average of about five minutes per order. At that rate, the warehouse had a tendency to get backed-up on high volume shipping days. In addition, without an interface to the company’s iSeriesbased ERP system, ABS, they were unable to obtain real-time package status.

Allen-Edmonds recognized they were missing an opportunity to leverage their IBM iSeries investment.

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