Waytek Celebrates Fifteen Years of Shipping Reliability with Varsity Logistics, Inc.

Waytek Inc. offers quality electrical wiring products, low prices, and great customer service to their OEM and distribution customers in the industrial, electrical, and wiring harness industries. Waytek maintains an inventory of over 5,000 products and offers same day shipping on most orders. The company ships more than 500 parcels per day via FedEx and UPS to destinations throughout North America and Europe. For over fifteen years, Waytek has relied on iSeries-based shipping software from Varsity Logistics to automate carrier selection, rate shopping, label printing, manifesting, and document production.

When Waytek purchased Varsity’s shipping software in 1989, their shipping needs were relatively simple. One shipping station could handle the company’s entire shipping volume, and all parcels were shipped through a single parcel carrier. As Waytek’s business grew, Varsity kept pace with new functionality that ensured the reliability of Waytek’s shipping processes. Today, Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel supports six shipping stations in the company’s 69,000 square foot distribution center.

“Our first solution from Varsity was a single shipping station with UPS,” recalls Bob Lamoreaux, President of Waytek, Inc. “Since then, we have added Varsity’s FedEx Ground Carrier Compliance Kit, ShipTalk, which allows us to see parcel status from any iSeries station, and SpeedWeigh, which eliminates manual ‘get weight’.”

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Roland Hits a High Note with Varsity Solutions

If you’ve ever seen a live band, you have most likely heard—and heard of—Roland. Founded in 1972 in Japan, Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of professional audio equipment, multimedia products, and music accessories.

Roland Corporation U.S. (a subsidiary of Roland) manufactures and distributes electronic musical instruments including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, digital recording equipment, and other devices. Roland U.S. is an industry leader with a sales volume of $200 million and approximately 3,000 dealers throughout the U.S. With a requirement to ship over 1,100 parcel and 30 freight shipments a day and process about 135 transactions per hour.

Roland U.S. needed a shipping solution that was fast, flexible, and stable. The company had been using an iSeries-based shipping package to meet their core needs but their vendor announced plans to sunset their iSeries product in order to concentrate on their PC-based product. Already realizing the benefits of integrating their iSeries shipping solution with their IBS iSeries-based ERP, Roland U.S. began looking for a new vendor to satisfy their shipping requirements.

“We were dedicated to the iSeries platform,” said Kim Wright, Operations Manager at Roland U.S. “We knew the iSeries was not only a work horse, but was very stable, easy to maintain, and could support the future growth of the company

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Franklin Machine Products Obtains Five-Star Customer Service with Varsity Shipping Software

Franklin Machine Products (FMP) was founded in the early 1900’s as a manufacturer of components for coffee urns. Today, with an inventory of over 8,000 food service equipment parts, FMP is one of the largest wholesale distributors of food service equipment parts in North America. The company ships over 1,000 UPS parcels per day of time-sensitive parts to customers throughout the United States and around the world.

FMP credits their eight decades of continuous growth to an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Fast, accurate parts delivery is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction. “We promise our customers that if we receive an order by 5:00 p.m., it will leave our warehouse the same day,” notes Bob Fisher, FMP’s IT Director.

Delivering on their customer service promise required several information technology investments, starting with an IBM iSeries server. Next, FMP deployed DPS Extend’s enterprise resource software to run their inventory management, order placement, customer service, and accounting departments. With their core business functions fully automated, the company turned their attention to eliminating their shipping bottleneck. FMP selected Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel to replace a labor intensive, stand-alone UPS shipping station. Designed for the iSeries, ShipSoft-Parcel enabled FMP to leverage the reliability of their iSeries and integrated seamlessly into DPS Extend.

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