Ryan Herco Profits from Varsity ShipSoft

Ryan Herco Products is a leading distributor of fluid handling products. The company’s diverse product line includes fittings that weigh one-fourth of an ounce, 20 foot lengths of plastic pipe, and pump-lift stations that weigh thousands of pounds. These products are available for pick-up from local distribution centers or are shipped directly to Ryan Herco’s industrial customers.

The company averages 750 parcels and 100 LTL shipments per day. A Mincron ERP customer since 1991, Ryan Herco benefited from years of streamlined efficiency across their accounting, sales, inventory, warehousing, and purchasing processes. Natalee Pucher, IT Analyst for Ryan Herco, notes that they wanted the same efficiency in their distribution centers. “Each year we pick one or two key IT projects that improve our profitability. In 2002 we focused on upgrading our shipping technology.”

Ryan Herco targeted several areas to improve profitability. The first was to replace 22 stand-alone carrier stations with the performance and reliability of an iSeries-based, multi-carrier shipping software package that exchanged information with their Mincron ERP system. They also sought control over freight expense and customer profitability, and to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their shipping processes. Proven performance was the main criteria for selecting a new shipping system.

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Roland Hits a High Note with Varsity Solutions

If you’ve ever seen a live band, you have most likely heard—and heard of—Roland. Founded in 1972 in Japan, Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of professional audio equipment, multimedia products, and music accessories.

Roland Corporation U.S. (a subsidiary of Roland) manufactures and distributes electronic musical instruments including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, digital recording equipment, and other devices. Roland U.S. is an industry leader with a sales volume of $200 million and approximately 3,000 dealers throughout the U.S. With a requirement to ship over 1,100 parcel and 30 freight shipments a day and process about 135 transactions per hour.

Roland U.S. needed a shipping solution that was fast, flexible, and stable. The company had been using an iSeries-based shipping package to meet their core needs but their vendor announced plans to sunset their iSeries product in order to concentrate on their PC-based product. Already realizing the benefits of integrating their iSeries shipping solution with their IBS iSeries-based ERP, Roland U.S. began looking for a new vendor to satisfy their shipping requirements.

“We were dedicated to the iSeries platform,” said Kim Wright, Operations Manager at Roland U.S. “We knew the iSeries was not only a work horse, but was very stable, easy to maintain, and could support the future growth of the company

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