Varsity and VAI Deliver Order Fulfillment Fit for Royal Consumer Information Products

Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc. is a leading supplier of office products, accessories, and supplies. The company ships nearly 400 UPS parcels and more than 80 Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments each business day from ten distribution centers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These shipments are delivered to consumers and small businesses, as well as major retailers such as WalMart, Sam’s, and Kmart.

With its roots in the Royal Typewriter Company, founded in 1904, Royal Consumer had well established and reliable shipping processes—until their shipping software vendor discontinued support for iSeries shippers. It wasn’t long before Royal Consumer felt the impact of this decision. Faced with obsolete hardware, functionality deficiencies, and inadequate support, it was time to find a new iSeries shipping system.

“I have to credit our ERP provider, VAI, with our decision to switch to Varsity ShipSoft for our parcel and LTL shipments,” recalls John Opalka, IT Director for Royal Consumer. “VAI’s close partnership with Varsity really shows in the quality of the pre-built interface between the two companies’ software solutions and their joint commitment to our success.”

In anticipation of the switch to Varsity ShipSoft, Royal Consumer’s MIS department spent a month defining business requirements, evaluating functionality overlaps between VAI System 2000 and Varsity ShipSoft, and observing shipping processes in their distribution centers to learn how they could improve shipping productivity and employee satisfaction.

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