Vormittag Associates (VAI) ERP Integration

Provided and maintained by VAI, the VAI ERP integration is an interface that seamlessly exchanges shipment and order data between VAI S2k and Varsity ShipSoft.

Seamless Order Management and Shipping

By tightly integrating VAI with ShipSoft, the VAI Interface enables seamless order processing from order entry through delivery. Shipment and order information is shared across the organization enabling:

  • Rate shopping, selection of shipping options, and quotation of shipping rates at order entry
  • Instant visibility to shipment status and simplified requests for proof of delivery
  • Accurate shipping costs for invoicing and analysis

Adaptable Technology

The VAI ERP integration interface uses flexible exit points and an externally described parameter list, or P-List, to map data elements from VAI into ShipSoft and to return the results back to VAI. The primary VAI files used for the interface are VCOHEAD, VCODETL, VINITEM, VARCUST, and VARSVIA. Varsity pulls required shipment data such as the order number, quantity, and ship-address directly from the VAI database. It then passes back shipping details including the tracking number, weight, and freight charges which can be used to update files in VAI. Designed for flexibility, this data exchange method can be tailored to support virtually ansupply chain process.

The VAI Interface can be called at any time to initiate order processing in ShipSoft. The interface allows “invisible” processing of orders, without requiring additional user input or screens. A “visible” mode is also availablewhere ShipSoft screens are populated with VAdata and shipments are managed directly frShipSoft.

The Varsity and VAI systems both reside on the System i platform, resulting in superior speed, throughput and reliability.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

As a Certified VAI Partner, Varsity works directly with VAI to maintain compliance with the latest versions of VAI’s enterprise software solutions. By working together, VAI and Varsity ensure their joint customers have reliable integration today, as well as support for future enhancements.

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