Parcel Solution Overview: Parcel Shipping with Varsity


Since 1989, Varsity has been a leading provider of multi-carrier transportation management systems (TMS) for companies that ship parcels. Varsity’s parcel shipping suite, designed exclusively for the IBM iSeries, is an integrated suite of advanced supply chain execution modules for the most complex small package shipping and auditing requirements. Varsity’s parcel solution automates every step of the small package shipping process–from order entry all the way through to shipment track and trace and report creation. It seamlessly integrates with legacy, ERP, and order entry systems running on the iSeries through standard interfaces maintained by Varsity. Varsity’s parcel solution also includes the industry’s first iSeries-based auditing package, for those companies that wish to reduce their freight expense even further.


ShipSoft-Parcel is a complete, integrated transportation management solution that automates the entire small package shipping process. ShipSoft manages the selection of carriers, optimizes shipment pricing, and ensures label and manifesting complianc e for major parcel carriers, including Airborne, DHL, FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service. ShipSoft also performs additional value-added services such as hundredweight consolidation, generates documents, maintains detailed historical information on all shipments for future reference and reporting, and acts as the controlling application for all other Varsity software modules. By providing an integrated, automated shipping solution, ShipSoft-Parcel enhances customer service, eliminates data entry, and drastically reduces overall shipping costs.

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ShipView™ Plus – Transforming your Shipping Data into Actionable Information

Transforming your Shipping Data into Actionable Information


The ShipView™ Plus analytics module is a powerful shipping/transportation performance management application that provides cross-enterprise views and analysis of critical shipping information.

ShipView Plus includes Varsity’s TransData datamart which collects and provides access to a broad range of detailed historical shipment and transportation data that is identified, defined, and documented for use. With intuitive, GUI-based business performance dashboards and dynamic, flexible analytic query and reporting capabilities, ShipView Plus delivers the tools necessary for shipping and logistics managers (as well as C-level executives) to strengthen negotiating position with carriers, identify and correct hidden cost and performance problems, and revamp transportation management strategies.

With ShipView Plus, all of this is available at the finger tips of managers without any requirement for IT/programming time or effort.

Key Features

¨ Accessible from a web browser, with a full range of Windows® -based, GUI tools for analytic proposes, include: o Shipment/Transportation Dashboards o GIS-Geographic Presentations of Information o Flexible Analytic Views of Information (for on-the fly “slice-and-dice and drill-downs”) o Full export capability to a wide range of applications and formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, HTML, XML, PDF

¨ TransData, shipment and transportation datamart is included/integrated and reliably updated on the IBM i platform

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ShipOptimizer™ – A Shipping Containerization Solution

Shipping Containerization Solution Overview

ShipOptimizer is a revolutionary new way for companies to offset rising transportation costs and improve efficiency within their warehouse. Simply stated, ShipOptimizer gives companies the ability to accurately predict shipping costs whether orders are taken via the internet or at order entry time, in advance of actually shipping the product.

Key Features

¨ The ability to optimize the container packing process in your warehouse enables companies to face increasingly complicated processing requirements in the fulfillment and distribution of their products.

¨ The ability to address changes in order profiles and full-case and split-case picking, and build rules surrounding carton and pallet build.

¨ The ability to develop an efficient plan to build cartons, pallets, and trailers as part of distribution processes.

¨ The ability to select the number and size of cartons needed to pack orders for shipment based on each item’s dimensional cube, weight and compatibility with other items.

¨ The ability to meet complex processing requirements, save time, packing materials and containers, and reduce operating and transportation costs as well as product damage that leads to costly returns.


¨ It allows you to quote freight at the time an order is placed.

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Varsity Company Overview: Integrated Parcel and Freight Shipping Solutions (U.S.)

Leader in Shipping Software for the IBM System i

Founded in 1989, Varsity pioneered integrated, multi-carrier shipping solutions for the IBM System i (formerly AS/400). Today, Varsity’s supply chain execution suite helps Canadian businesses of all sizes manage the full transportation spectrum of parcel, truckload, and LTL shipments. Varsity improves shipping efficiency, eliminates manual errors, and reduces shipping costs. For seamless supply chain management, Varsity provides integration to all IBM System i based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and order entry systems.

Varsity’s Modular Transportation Management Suite

Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel and ShipSoft-Freight support a wide array of Canadian shipping needs— from companies with single carrier domestic shipments to multi-site organizations that ship through multiple parcel, LTL, truckload, and rail carriers. With Varsity, companies purchase only the functionality they require. When both parcel and freight shipping are needed, Varsity ShipSoftParcel and ShipSoft-Freight integrate for centralized shipping management.

Parcel Shipping

ShipSoft-Parcel automates the entire small package shipping process for domestic shipments. It manages the selection of carriers, optimizes shipment pricing, and ensures label and manifesting compliance for major parcel carriers, including Purolator, UPS Canada, CanPar, Canada Post, and FedEx Canada. ShipSoft-Parcel enables hundredweight consolidation, document generation, and shipping history reports. It also acts as the controlling application for all other Varsity software modules.

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