Varsity Company Overview: Integrated Parcel and Freight Shipping Solutions

Leader in Shipping Software for the IBM System i

Founded in 1989, Varsity pioneered integrated, multi-carrier shipping solutions for the IBM System i (formerly AS/400). Today, Varsity’s supply chain execution suite helps Canadian businesses of all sizes manage the full transportation spectrum of parcel, truckload, and LTL shipments. Varsity improves shipping efficiency, eliminates manual errors, and reduces shipping costs. For seamless supply chain management, Varsity provides integration to all IBM System i based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and order entry systems.

Varsity’s Modular Transportation Management Suite

Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel and ShipSoft-Freight support a wide array of Canadian shipping needs— from companies with single carrier domestic shipments to multi-site organizations that ship through multiple parcel, LTL, truckload, and rail carriers. With Varsity, companies purchase only the functionality they require. When both parcel and freight shipping are needed, Varsity ShipSoftParcel and ShipSoft-Freight integrate for centralized shipping management.

Parcel Shipping

ShipSoft-Parcel automates the entire small package shipping process for domestic shipments. It manages the selection of carriers, optimizes shipment pricing, and ensures label and manifesting compliance for major parcel carriers, including Purolator, UPS Canada, CanPar, Canada Post, and FedEx Canada. ShipSoft-Parcel enables hundredweight consolidation, document generation, and shipping history reports. It also acts as the controlling application for all other Varsity software modules.

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HAZMAT: Hazardous Materials Overview

Hazardous Materials Overview

For ShipSoft users who require hazardous materials processing, Varsity has developed a comprehensive add-on HAZMAT shipping solution. Based on the information stored in the HAZMAT database, and the built-in business rules, ShipSoft instructs the shipper how to label and ship the parcel, and manages document production and carrier compliance. With this HAZMAT capability, ShipSoft eliminates manual data entry, mitigates carrier compliance fines, and provides visibility to all HAZMAT shipments.

Key Features

¨ Provides a comprehensive database that stores all required HAZMAT information. This includes:

o Emergency contact information

o UN ID Number

o Proper names of chemical items and others required for HAZMAT documentation

¨ Generates a paper manifest summarizing daily HAZMATshipments and ensures full carrier compliance ¨ Automatically produces the required Shipper’s Declaration of Dangerous Goods without user intervention

o Varsity supports both the FedEx and the UPS variations of the form

Key Benefits

¨ Integrates and automates HAZMAT processing with other TMS and ERP systems

¨ Eliminates manual rekeying of data, saves time and reduces related errors

¨ Mitigates carrier fines for non-compliance

¨ Provides visibility into HAZMAT shipments

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ShipTalk AES: Automated Export System for Electronic Filing with US Customs

Automated Export System Overview

Varsity ShipTalk™ AES allows exporting companies to file electronic export documents directly with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Appropriate for customers who have a large or growing export volume, want to fully automate their exporting process, or export goods on the Commerce Control List (CCL) and/or the United States Munitions List (USML), ShipTalk AES eliminates the manual creation and reporting of export information. It also ensures US export compliance before shipment occurs. Be ready when the electronic filing of shipping documents becomes mandatory.

Key Features

♦ Automatically prompts user for all the necessary information.

♦ Automatically and electronically files the required export shipment data with US Customs.

♦ Provides AES filing support natively from within the Varsity ShipSoft™ Application. This eliminates the need to print Shipper Export Declarations (SEDs) or manually enter the information into stand-alone AES filing systems like AES Direct.

♦ AES Software Certified.

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ShipTalk Alerts: Email Ship Notification

E-Mail Ship Notification Overview

For customers who require a simple way of sending advance shipment notification to anyone in the supply chain prior to delivery, Varsity now offers ShipTalk™ Alerts. ShipTalk Alerts is a proactive approach for notifying any supply chain partners via e-mail of specific shipment details, at anytime in the shipment process. ShipTalk Alerts provides the alert recipient visibility to shipment information, such as carrier, tracking numbers and order details, in one convenient format. It is also an easy way to comply with the informational requirements of consignee routing guides and a quick, economical alternative to EDI or other communication protocols.

Key Features

♦ Automatically generates and sends e-mail messages with line-item shipment detail to their consignees or other supply chain partners at the time a package is shipped.

♦ Provides configurable, customizable e-mail templates that allow a user to send any variable data from within ShipSoft™ or ShipPack™, together with pre-determined text messages.

♦ Uses native OS/400 e-mail capabilities to generate e-mail. No additional PCs are required.

Key Benefits

♦ Improves relationships with supply chain partners via enhanced communication

♦ Strengthens customer service by providing real-time shipment information

♦ Reduces manual labor expenses through automated ship notification

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ShipTalk: Connectivity Suite

Varsity’s Connectivity Suite Overview

Varsity ShipTalk™ Connectivity Suite expands visibility and communications between ShipSoft™ users and their supply chain partners. By extending control over shipments beyond the warehouse, ShipTalk enables greater collaboration with carriers and consignees, allows real-time status updates, automates export filing, and gives ShipSoft users the information they need to manage their outbound supply chain. ShipTalk is comprised of several connectivity tools, which are available individually. Customers select— and pay for—only the tools they require, including:

♦ UPS Online Tracking UPS Online Tracking provides a direct connection to UPS Host Access to return real-time shipment status information. Instant access to shipment status from any terminal empowers all shipping and customer service representatives with immediate inquiry resolution, improving customer satisfaction and eliminating inefficiencies.

♦ UPS Trace Request By using UPS Trace Request, ShipSoft users who ship via UPS can electronically request copies of signed Proofs of Delivery to be faxed either to their own location or that of a third party making the inquiry.

♦ FedEx Tracking FedEx Tracking provides real-time access to FedEx shipment status updates directly from the IBM System i™ through immediate access to the FedEx server, streamlining and strengthening customer service.

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ShipTalk FedEx Tracking: Real-time Package Tracking

Real-Time Package Tracking Overview

Varsity’s new ShipTalk FedEx Tracking module provides up-to-the-minute package status information directly from your IBM iSeries through immediate access to the FedEx server. This direct access allows instant resolution of customer service inquiries and complete supply chain visibility.

Designed to streamline customer service access to package status information, ShipTalk FedEx Tracking eliminates calls to the shipping department, the need to launch a separate tracking application or to open a new browser window. To save time with single screen access, package status details are available from the Varsity ShipTalk screen, or can be populated directly into your ERP, warehouse management, or order entry software via an interface.

Through FedExTracking customer service representatives have real-time visibility to shipment status at all points in the shipping process, including tracking numbers, dates, time of delivery, current disposition, order details, and the name of the person who signed for the shipment. For proactive tracking, packages can be flagged for automatic tracking until they are scanned as delivered by FedEx.

Key Benefits

¨ Streamlines customer service access to package tracking details

¨ Eliminates package status calls to the shipping department

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ShipSelect: Carrier Selection Module

Multi-Modal Carrier Selection Module


ShipSelect automates the carrier selection process for shipments of all modes including LTL, truckload, and rail. ShipSelect is designed to automatically analyze criteria such as transit time, carrier preference, cost, mode, performance, and carrier service types to present the optimal carrier based on the user’s particular criteria. This guarantees the optimal carrier is chosen for every shipment while conforming to routing guide requirements.

By performing the carrier selection process upstream, ShipSelect ensures that the customers’ shipping requirements are exactly met at order placement time.

Key Features

¨ Intelligent Carrier Selection for All Shipping Modes ShipSelect intelligently chooses carriers based on weighted selection criteria that go beyond least cost, including mode, transit time, lane, customer location, and the like. Carrier consideration can be limited by lane, shipment size, customer, and other factors and then ranked according to mode, transit time, carrier performance, cost, or other criteria. Selections can be made automatically, or after an on-line review of alternatives. ShipSelect will also ensure that appropriate weight-breaks are applied and can automatically determine whether a shipment should go parcel or LTL.

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ShipPack: Pick/Pack Module

Varsity’s Pick/Pack Module Overview

ShipPack, Varsity’s pick/pack module, offers complete control of the shipping process by providing total visibility to the contents of each package via the ShipSoft™ database. ShipPack mitigates costly violations and penalties by providing compliant bar codes, labels, and packing lists. It makes details about each shipment easily accessible including description, size, weight, and contents. ShipPack automatically generates ASNs, and produces customized forms and labels to meet the specific customer requirements.

Key Features

¨ Item-Level Detail of Parcel Content

ShipPack integrates the packing process with shipping, capturing, and recording detailed information about each item included in a shipment. As an item is packed, it is scanned into ShipPack, providing total visibility into all package contents. This visibility makes it easy to split orders, especially if more than one package is needed to fulfill an order.

¨ Bar Code Labeling

ShipPack automatically generates standard UCC 128 bar codes that help shippers quickly identify package contents and meet consignees’ requirements. ShipPack can also be used to generate specialized bar codes, labels, and documents–such as specialized packing lists–required by consignees.

¨ ASN Creation

ShipPack automatically generates ASNs with line item content information and formats them for EDI transmission (856).

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ShipAudit: Multi-modal Audit Module

Varsity’s Multi-Modal Audit Module Overview

Varsity ShipAudit reduces manual errors and facilitates audit accuracy by automating audit processes. It simplifies carrier management based on historical billing accuracy and provides information for future contract negotiations.

Key Features

¨ Automated Rate Reconciliation S

hipAudit enables the reconciliation of estimated shipment costs with actual billed carrier costs. When a carrier bill is received, ShipAudit compares the billed rate with pre-negotiated rates stored in the system. If a bill does not reflect the correct contract terms, ShipAudit intelligently calculates correct shipping charges. This includes all known discounts or other incentives, whether based on rolling 52-week volumes, accessorial charges, or any other criteria.

¨ Line-Item Audits

Upon completion of rate reconciliation, ShipAudit determines whether a bill should be approved, rejected, or short-paid based on a shipper’s payment criteria. ShipAudit then reports discrepancies and passes all necessary information on approved bills to Accounting. ShipAudit audits accessorial charges, as well as freight charges, at the line-item level.

¨ Electronic Receipt of Billing Information

ShipAudit receives freight bill data from carriers via EDI (210) or a flat file, eliminating manual errors and expediting the freight bill audit process.

¨ Billing Discrepancy Reports

To support exception-based management of billing processes, ShipAudit automatically generates detailed reports that provide visibility into any invoice-related issues.

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ShipSoft-Parcel: Multi-Modal Parcel Shipping Solution

Parcel Shipping Software

ShipSoft-Parcel is a complete integrated transportation management solution that automates the parcel shipping process for shippers in the United States and Canada. ShipSoft-Parcel streamlines the identification of transportation carriers, obtains shipment pricing, ensures compliance with established shipping rules and regulations, and prepares all necessary documentation. ShipSoft-Parcel enables hundredweight consolidation, document generation, and shipping history reports. It also acts as the controlling application for all other Varsity software modules. ShipSoft-Parcel v2.5

Key Features


Place a parcel on a ShipSoft connected scale and scan the shipment related information, then ShipSoft-Parcel automatically does everything required to ship that package—weighs, rates, and generates a carrier-compliant shipping label.

Rate Shopping

ShipSoft compares the rates and services of multiple domestic and international carriers. Customer-defined carriers can also be added to the system as needed. ShipSoft-Parcel identifies the carrier that best meets the cost and delivery requirements.

Multi-Carrier Support

A complete range of Carrier Compliance Kits (CCKs) are available for ShipSoft-Parcel enabling shippers based in the United States or Canada to work with their preferred carriers. Each CCK contains carrier specific rates, service types, labels, manifests, and value added services. Each CCK contains carrier specific rates, service types, labels, manifests, and value added services. Carriers supported with CCKs include California Overnight , DHL, FedEx , Purolator , RR Donnelley, UPS, and the United States Postal Service.

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